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Dedicated quality assurance team

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Hundreds of successful cases per year

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How to Extend a Work Permit

Work Permits are usually valid for a period of 6 months to 3 years, although the length of validity of a work permit can vary. It all depends on the duration of the employment contract and the work conditions offered as some employers hire foreign workers strictly for seasonal work. 

A Work Permit extension may be requested if:

What to Consider When Extending Work Permit in Canada

Many things need to be considered when applying for an extension. Primarily, the application should be filed at least 30 days before its expiration date. While the application is being processed, the employer has implied status and may stay in Canada legally.

An extension application may be filed at any moment within the remaining 30 days before expiration provided that the application is submitted by midnight UTC on the expiration date. If the application is submitted on paper, the application will be stamped in the case processing center upon receipt. If the application is received after the work permit has expired, the center will count back 7 days from the date the application was received.

An employee on an employer specific work permit or who can work without a work permit can put in a request to change jobs through the IRCC web portal. When filling out the web form, the applicant can simply copy paste the required text from the “changing jobs” page here.

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