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Canadian Experience Class Program (CEC)

Immigrate to Canada with Express Entry through the Canadian Experience Class

Obtain Permanent Residence through Canadian Work Experience

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Our consultants are licensed by CICC and authorized by IRCC to provide professional immigration services.

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More than 16 years of experience

More than 16 years of experience

Our consultants are licensed by CICC

Our consultants are licensed by CICC in all provinces

Dedicated quality assurance team

Dedicated quality assurance team

Hundreds of successful cases per year

Hundreds of successful cases per year

Services available in English, Spanish and French

Services available in English, Spanish and French

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What is the Canadian Experience Class Program?

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a program that allows foreigners to obtain permanent residence after at least 12 months of previous work experience in one or more NOC 0, A or B full-time occupations.

Candidates who have engaged in full-time employment, under the conditions stated above, may apply for Canadian permanent residence as long as the work experience was acquired no more than 36 months before the application is received by the case processing center.

Eligibility for Canadian Experience Class

Work Experience and Status

Recent graduates from Canadian universities may be eligible for the CEC program. In order to be eligible, a candidate must meet the following criteria:

The applicant must not intend to live in Quebec.

The applicant must have at least 12 months of full-time (or the equivalent in part-time work) in an occupation at the NOC 0, A or B level in Canada in the three years before the application is submitted.

The applicant must have gained their work experience while working legally in Canada after graduating. Work done as a student will not count towards the required work experience.

The applicant must meet the language requirements for their chosen job under each category (speaking, reading, writing, and listening).

Temporary foreign workers can also apply through the CEC program provided they have spent one year doing skilled work in Canada within the past three years and meet the language requirements.


Canadian Experience Class Program Requirements

Work Experience and Status

In order to qualify for Canadian Experience Class, a person must have worked in Canada as a skilled full-time worker for at least 12 months or a total of 1,560 hours.
Those who acquired work experience while being full-time students, or under different circumstances, do not qualify for the CEC.
Work experience must be gained while present in Canada as a temporary resident and will only fulfill the requirements if the work lands under certain job classifications.

NOC Classification

Canada uses the National Occupational Classification (NOC) to classify and describe occupations found in the Canadian labour market. Jobs are grouped based on the type of job, duties, and work a person does.

In order to qualify for CEC, a person must have worked a full-time job for at least 12 months in a job classified under NOC 0, A or B.

NOC 0 - Skill Type 0 (zero)

Management jobs including, but not limited to Restaurant and Food Service Managers, shore captains (fishing), etc.

NOC A - Skill Level A

Professional jobs that usually require a university degree including, but not limited to, doctors, dentists and architects.

NOC B - Skill Level B

Technical jobs and skilled trades that require a college diploma or training as an apprentice including, but not limited to, chefs, plumbers and electricians.

Language Proficiency

CEC requirements go further than Canadian work experience. In order to qualify for the program, an applicant must meet certain language requirements depending on the NOC.

Applicants must take a language proficiency test and meet a certain score based on the Canadian Language Benchmark for English or the Niveaux de Compétence Linguistique Canadiens (NCLC) in French. NOC 0 or A job applicants must have a minimum score of 7. NOC B job applicants must have a minimum score of 5.

To test your English: CELPIP-General or IELTS.

To test your French: TEF Canada or TCF Canada.

Eligibility for the CEC in Quebec

Unfortunately, applicants who wish to live in Quebec cannot apply through the CEC. The alternative for Quebec is the Quebec Skilled Worker Class. It is also important to note that work experience gained in Quebec is accepted as work experience if the candidate intends to reside in any other province or territory and wishes to apply for the CEC.

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No, as long as your occupation is classed at the NOC 0, A or B level, is in Canada, and has occurred in the three years before the application is submitted you would be considered eligible.

Where you live will have no bearing on your application so long as your work experience was gained in Canada within the last 3 years and you meet the other eligibility requirements.

There is no proof of funds requirement for the CEC program.

Unfortunately any period of self-employment will not be considered when calculating the period of qualifying work experience under the CEC and neither will work experience gained while studying.

An easy way to improve your score is to improve your language skills. You can also look for a valid job offer or, if possible, enroll in further education.

The CEC draw score cutoff varies from year to year. Generally speaking, a score of around 450 is considered the minimum. The average cutoff score for all programs in 2020 was 472 but the minimum score for the CEC program tends to be lower than the average score minimum.