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Best Province to Live in Canada

Among the 20 safest countries in the world, Canada is one of the best migration destinations. The average salary is $54,630 a year; it is ranked number 6 in income equality. Canadians enjoy a well-developed education system as well as political stability and a well-developed health system in which everyone gets equal treatment. Canadian territory also celebrates diversity and multiculturalism, which makes it easier for foreigners to feel welcome while also having strong antiracism policies. The northern part has cold winters and short cool summers while the central southern part has very cold winters and hot summers. The country has various environmental policies that protect wildlife and encourage people to have a more sustainable lifestyle. So, which province is best for you?


If you are looking for a more relaxed lifestyle and to save up some money, or maybe a place where you can start your business; Alberta may be the province for you. It has the lowest tax rate in Canada; it also enjoys a farming community that offers a more stress-free lifestyle as well as low crime rates. It has great infrastructure and good pay rates in its two main cities (Calgary and Edmonton). It is home to a great deal of festivals that people can enjoy, is known for its Rocky Mountains and Dinosaur Provincial Park as well as its large deposits of natural gas and oil. Alberta has the highest salary after-tax income in Canada (that means the highest salary calculated after all the taxes have been deducted). It offers 455 national and provincial parks, 26 universities and colleges and the lowest business tax rate in Canada (which are among the lowest rates in North America). The average cost of living per month is about $703 for an individual and $2,190 for a family of four plus rent. Single-bedroom apartme
nts downtown cost about $800 a month and about 630$ a month for single-bedroom apartments outside the city. A three-bedroom apartment costs about $1,019 per month outside the center and about $1,230 per month in the center of the city. Prices range depending on the neighborhood you choose. Keep in mind, Canadians don’t joke with rules, you must follow every detail to stay where you are. So, no parties unless you have your landlord’s permission!

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador are considered the happiest province in Canada according to Statistics Canada’s survey data. While it does have cold weather, it doesn’t get to extreme temperatures. Average salary after tax per month is about $2 307. A one-bedroom apartment is about $730, a 3-bedroom apartment is about $1 243 in the City Center. Groceries in this province are calculated to about $190-$290 a person per month. Newfoundland and Labrador’s principal economical activity is in fishery and mining, so there are various opportunities in this sector. Leisure wise, the province has an Aquarium in Petty Harbor, the Fisherman’s Museum for Twillingate as well as some historical centers to visit across the area. If you enjoy Fishing and nature, Newfoundland and Labrador is sure to make you happy; here you can enjoy a variety of wild animals, whale and fowl watching, kayaking, paddling, snowmobiling, site-seeing and much more.


If you know French and are looking for culturally diverse communities, Quebec is the province for you. It offers cultural diversity and loads of fun at night. Since Quebec enjoys the Metro system of public transportation, when winter comes, citizens turn to an underground lifestyle, where you can find various activities inside. If you want to try outdoor activities, you can enjoy various wilderness areas that offer skiing, hiking, tubing in the winter and festivals, an amusement park (La Ronde), hiking and much more. It has one of the lowest costs of living as well. For a family of four, monthly costs are estimated at about $4 460. A single person cost of living is estimated at $2040. Quebec is also one of the provinces that gives the fastest permanent residence in Canada.


Besides Quebec, Saskatchewan is a great choice to get a faster permanent residence. International students from abroad can apply without a job offer. The time it takes to get a permanent residence is about 10 months. Saskatchewan has great job opportunities in mining and petroleum, Unemployment rate is very low. If you’re an immigrant, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has other ways of entering Canada and obtaining permanent residence. The cost of living in Saskatchewan is about $1517 for one person with rent and $3323 for a family of four. Monthly salary after tax is about $3222. Saskatchewan enjoys art & cultural events, beautiful parks, outdoor pools and all you dream of in sports and recreational activities. This province has free medical care as well as excellent medical services. If you’re looking to buy a home, Saskatchewan has more affordable and achievable options. If you decide to immigrate here, don’t forget to apply for a health card ASAP.

British Columbia

British Columbia offers a high standard of living due to its milder weather and closeness to the Pacific Ocean. It has beautiful landscapes for people who enjoy the outdoors. Its most popular city is Vancouver, it’s a bit expensive to live in, but there are great opportunities in construction, agriculture, high technology, manufacturing, film & television, fisheries and aquaculture. Average cost of living is about $2000 per month for one person and $4690 for a family of four. British Columbia also offers an easier alternative to immigrate to in Canada, with many visa options that allow you to become a permanent resident of Canada and possibly a citizen.


Saskatchewan, Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia tend to be the easiest to immigrate to because of the variety of programs offered and the possibility to go without a job offer.

Generating a 37% of the natural GDP, Ontario is one of the best provinces to live in since it has many job opportunities, and it has the lowest unemployment rate as well as great transportation system. It has high quality of life and lower living costs. Ontario enjoys a tranquil lifestyle with low crime rates and fun cultural activities that embrace multiculturalism. If you are in the knowledge industry, this province is for you. The cost of living is a bit high though, consider the fact that the cost of living will depend on which city you choose. Monthly rents ranges from $800 to $1700 per month approximately for a one bedroom apartment. Double bedroom apartments cost about $1000 to $3000 depending on the city and neighborhood you choose. Groceries and services (phone bills, internet bills etc.) can range between $200 to $700 per month depending on the city you choose. Transportation costs will depend on whether you use public transportation, or you own vehicle. It can go at about $150 to $200 per month. Be

prepared to spend on kindergarten, it’s quite expensive in Ontario ranging from $1100 to $1530 per month. Primary school and high school are free for Residents in Canada. For entertainment and recreation, joining a fitness club costs about $50 to $60, cinema is $14 per person, bars cost $5-$7, coffee is $4-$5. Ontario is also one of the easier provinces to immigrate to due to the Express Entry system, which requires less processing time than other applications and has less requirements than others.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is for you. It’s big on outdoors activities with beautiful sandy beaches, green hills and forests. It’s ideal if you’re retiring or you have a remote job and are looking for a peaceful quiet place to live in. Keep in mind, Nova Scotia can get pretty chilly. Living expenses can range from $1845 to $2205 a month for one person to live comfortably. It has one of the cheapest housing and rental markets in the country. The cost of private education is cheaper, so if you’re looking to get your child into a private school, then Nova Scotia is a good option. Nevertheless, any province can be easy to migrate to as long as you meet the requirements.


Manitoba can be a great alternative if you’re looking to start a new business, co-own or purchase one as well as applying through the Skilled Worker Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. It’s also easy to immigrate to. Manitoba is home to one of the world’s largest inland bodies of fresh water and has a steady economy. Its climate has 4 seasons that have very cold weather in the winter and very hot in the summer. It also has one of the lowest costs of living in Canada in tuition fees, utility bills etc. The quality of life is great, holding one of the better public health care systems and school systems compared to other places in Canada. Cost of life in Manitoba for a single person with rent is about $2130. For a family of four, it’s about $5600 with rent.


Alberta has the lowest tax rate in Canada.

According to Statistics Canada’s survey data, Newfoundland and Labrador are considered the happiest province in Canada.

Quebec is considered to be the safest province in Canada.

Quebec and Saskatchewan are a great choice to get a faster permanent residence.

British Columbia offers a high standard of living due to its milder weather and closeness to the Pacific Ocean.

Saskatchewan, Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia tend to be the easiest to immigrate to because of the variety of programs offered and the possibility to go without a job offer.

Provinces that pay the highest wages in Canada are Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec.

The highest unemployment provinces include Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Manitoba.