spousal sponsorship in Canada.

There are two ways to navigate through the process of spousal sponsorship in Canada.

The first is applying personally yourself, through a site such as the government website, which can daunting, frustrating and intimidating. There is a risk that your application may be rejected because of a simple technicality or omission of data. It is always difficult to hear the stories of individuals that come to us, after they have gone through the spousal sponsorship application, on their own, and have been denied. The application may have been approved if the content had been optimized by an immigration consultant or an immigration lawyer to increase the probability of success.

When a spousal sponsorship application is submitted in Canada, an individual in the Canadian Government physically reads and reviews it. It is important to highlight the areas, in your application, that we feel will increase the likelihood of approval, and speak in terms that individual reviewing the application understands.

We believe the application is very much like a resume, it should be concise, well worded, and show clear intent. Think of your spousal sponsorship process in Canada like a job interview. Think of your application as your resume. We can help you with the process and the application. We have helped thousands of people just like you. Our experience and attention to detail sets us apart.

Let us help you with your spousal sponsorship application. It can become more complicated to come to us after you have been denied, after submitting your own application. We see the frustration and anxiety related to this event daily. Don’t wait until you have been rejected, to let us help you.

Spousal sponsorship is one of our core competencies and services. We have a proven track record of high approval success rates.

 Immigration Pros have helped thousands of people in Canada with their spousal sponsorship needs and requirements.

We have a personable team of fully certified Immigration Consultants, with ICCRC accreditations, we look forward to starting the application process with you.

Let us know if you prefer to speak with an immigration consultant in your own language, we would be more than happy to accommodate you.

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We also offer a free spousal sponsorship assessment.  Please see our contact page, for more details.

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