LMIA Process

Seeking professional help with an LMIA application process saves you a lot of time. Going through the process on your own can be frustrating and very time consuming. We are certified immigration consultants that can help you with this process. An LMIA application was formerly known as LMO (Labour Market Opinion).

With correct step by step guidance, the chances of getting an approved LMIA is greatly increased. A professional company like us is always on top of the latest changes made by the government which gives you the confidence that your LMIA application will not be delayed and has the highest chances of getting a positive LMIA.

Immigration Pros offers a free LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) assessment. We have assisted thousands of businesses and families hiring caregivers with the LMIA process. Don’t risk it, give us a call for a free assessment!

Our certified Immigration Consultants have years of experience and knowledge representing businesses across Canada for their LMIA application, they are fully certified by the ICCRC.

We are an agency that specializes in LMIA applications, our consultants speak different languages for your convenience.

We strongly believe that the success of an LMIA application correlates with taking the necessary time and knowledge when preparing all the appropriate paperwork, let a certified consultant handle it for you. Our fully qualified consultants take the necessary time to prepare the application and go over the LMIA process with you to ensure that it is completed in the manner necessary.

Each LMIA application is unique. When you engage Immigration Pros, our goal will be to provide the necessary information as per your case and to help you ease the process as much as possible, our certified consultants give you that peace of mind.

We would love for you to get in touch with us, the opportunity to assist and assess your case. Call us for a free assessment or quote.

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