LMIA Agent

When you are looking for an LMIA Agent (Labour Market Impact Assessment) look to Immigration Pros in Toronto.

We are an LMIA agency that is fully staffed and speaks many different languages for your convenience. We are certified LMIA Agents, that hold an ICCRC accreditation.

 At  Immigration Pros, we understand that bringing in foreign workers can be a challenging task for one to take on by themselves. We are an LMIA agency that keeps abreast of the latest and current LMIA application requirements. We task ourselves to be aware of all of the latest legislative changes and updates, related to all Labour Market Impact Assessment issues.

 It is very important to take the necessary time to fill out all of the appropriate paperwork and ensure that it is filled out correctly. Our LMIA agents take the time to go over the application with you and ensure that it is completed in a manner that ensures the highest success rate. Hiring the right people in Canada, to process and submit your application is very important.

 We treat every LMIA application as unique and spend the time required to understand all of the relevant details related to your foreign worker application.

 We have helped thousands of individuals and employers with their LMIA needs and requirements in Canada. Our experience and attention to detail sets us apart.

 We believe that it is important to be an LMIA agency that listens, and does not hurry through the process, as any errors or omissions may lead to a delay or denial.

 We would love the opportunity to assist you with your application.

 Please see our contact page, for more details.

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