Conjugal Partner Sponsorship

The Conjugal Partner sponsorship category is for partners – either of the opposite sex or same-sex – under exceptional circumstances beyond their control (either political, religious, social or cultural impediments from the country of residence) that prevent them from qualifying as common-law partners or spouses by living together.

The conjugal partner sponsor stream only applies in particular cases. For instance, it could apply to a couple in which the Canadian partner’s partner is married in a country where divorce does not exist or where same-sex marriage does not exist. Proof of a marital relationship is mandatory.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents who live in Canada can sponsor their loved ones and help them get a Permanent Residence through the Family Class program. If you are considering sponsoring your conjugal partner, we can help with your application. We specialize in assessments for conjugal partner sponsorships in Canada.

Subjectivity plays an important part in Canadian conjugal partner sponsorships. We know the requirements and can assess you in every step of the way. Errors or omissions could delay your spouse’s application or even lead to a refusal. 

We are a team of dedicated, certified immigration consultants that have helped thousands of people with their conjugal partner sponsorship application. Don’t risk your future. Send us a message or fill out the form so we can assess your case. We can help you sponsor your partner through the spouse sponsorship stream.

Our staff speak different languages so that you can communicate more effectively in your first language. We would love the opportunity to help you with the process of sponsoring your conjugal partner in Canada.

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