Common-law Partner

If you have been living together in a marriage-like relationship for at least 12 months consecutively (either in an opposite or in a same-sex relationship), it means that you are in a common-law relationship.

Sponsoring your partner under the common-law category requires you to provide additional proof of your relationship, making it a little more complicated than if you were married. Most common-law relationships do not have a government-issued document that confirms their relationship as married couples do.

So, unlike married couples, common-law partners must provide documentation to prove they have cohabited for at least 12 months. As immigration consultants, we can make sure the documentation you provide is coherent and relevant.

We understand that obtaining a permanent resident visa for your common-law partner is a significant event in your life. With many years of experience in spouse and common-law partner sponsorship applications, we are committed to preparing a complete and robust application since errors or omissions can cause delays or even the application’s rejection.

As Canadian Certified Immigration Consultants, we will also represent you before Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada until you receive a final decision. Don’t risk your future. Send us a message or fill out our form so we can assess your case.

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