Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program is one of the many programs offered through Express Entry (EE).

To qualify for the Canadian Experience Class program, the prospective immigrant must meet these requirements:

  • You must have one year of skilled work experience in Canada with a valid work permit.
  • Must plan to live in any province in Canada except for Québec.
  • Meet the minimum required language levels.
  • Have worked at least one year full-time (or equivalent in part-time) in the last three years in a skilled position (NOC skill level 0, A or B). These occupations can be managerial, professional, technical or experienced trades occupations. Some examples are Supervisors, Welders, Mechanics, Accountants, Nurses, Computer Programmers, Engineers, others.

Your application is evaluated in work experience, language ability, and admissibility to Canada under this program.

In all the permanent resident programs, spouses or common-law partners and dependent children may also be granted permanent residency as accompanying dependents.

Please contact us to make a proper assessment and confirm your eligibility to apply for permanent residency through the CEC program.

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