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There are many visa options for living permanently in Canada. The federal government has several alternatives, and most provinces in the country have signed agreements with the federal government to allow applicants to obtain permanent residency through provincial nominations as well.  More than 340,000 permanent resident visas are issued every year to people from all over the world.


Spouse Sponsorship [price $2,590 - $3,490]

As a Canadian citizen or Canadian Permanent Resident, you may sponsor a spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner and his/her dependent children. Please click here for more information

Family Sponsorship [price $2,590 - $3,050]
If you are a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident, you can sponsor your loved ones to obtain a Permanent Resident Visa.  Please click here for more information
LMIA and Work Permits
Canada has thousands of foreign workers. More than 126,000 workers obtain this visa to work temporarily in Canada every year.  Please click here for more information
  • LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) for Express Entry Permanent Residence [price $2,850 - $3,290]
  • LMIA for Work Permits [price $2,850 - $3,290]
  • LMIA for Caregivers inside Canada [price $2,290 - $2,490]
  • Work Permits and Visas, Extensions or change of conditions [price $990 - $1,490]
  • Package LMIA + Work Permits inside or outside Canada  [Please call for your quote]
  • If you have more than one employee, call for your quote.
Express Entry [price $1,090]
This process is limited to skilled workers that seek permanent residence in Canada. The government uses an online system to manage this type of application. Though it's titled "express”, it must be a very meticulous process to result in a positive answer. Please click here for more information
Canadian Experience Class [price $1,290- $1,690]
If you have worked or studied in Canada or are currently working or studying in the country, you may qualify under this program. Please click here for more information
Federal Skilled Worker Class [price $1,290 - $1,690] 
Canada grants permanent resident visas to candidates under certain conditions: education, work experience, and English or French knowledge.   Please click here for more information
Provincial Nominee Class [price $2,290 - $2,990] 
Most provinces have agreements with the Canadian government to select their immigrants based on employment opportunities or ties that the prospective immigrant may have with a particular province. Please click here for more information
Province of Québec Class [price $2,290 - $2,490]
Québec is a province that has a different approach to immigration from the rest of the country. Some people that won't qualify for other programs may be viable immigrants under the Québec selection grid. Please click here for more information
LMIA for Caregivers inside Canada [price $2,290 - $2,490]
Immigration Pros. will also process LMIAs, work permits, and permanent residences for live-in caregivers that comply with the requirements. Please click here for more information
Business and Investor Visa
Canada encourages the creation of new businesses, and every year welcomes investors from all over the world as "new Canadians.”  This category is designed for experienced business people and those who can support a robust national economy. Please click here for more information


These Visas are granted to people that want to visit, study or work in Canada. A professionally prepared application can make a big difference when processing these types of visas.
Student Visas / Permits [price $1,490 - $1,590] 
More than 600,000 visas are issued every year for students from all over the world. Please click here for more information
Visitor Visas / Permits [price $990 - $1,590]
More than 22 million people visit Canada each year. Visitors from some countries will need to obtain a visa before visiting the country.  Others will only need an electronic authorization (eTA). Please click here for more information. Please click here for more information


Whether you are our client or not, we can help you obtain and decode a status report on your present Canadian Visa application, with notes made by the officers processing your file. You can find out the exact status of your application. Please click here for more information


Often people will not be able to find the information they are looking for or may also need the opinion of a professional in the field. People may not need to retain the full services provided but may just need a specific question answered about a problem or concern they may have regarding a visa application to Canada, or understanding the process in general.  They may require interview tips or may have questions about a Temporary Resident Visa process such as Student Visas, Work Permits or Tourist Visas. Please click here for more information

Beware of ghost immigration consultants! Only Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) can represent you before Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


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