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IP Immigration Pros is a certified Canadian Immigration Consultancy Corporation with more than ten years of experience representing and consulting clients in Canadian Immigration matters. 

We have processed thousands of applications from every corner of Canada and many countries around the World. Our staff is proficient at dealing with clients using electronic means. We know exactly how to manage an online immigration application from start to finish, so do not hesitate to contact us, especially during these difficult times.

We have an extremely high success rate thanks to a team of experts that will thoroughly review each application before, during, and after submission.

We handle each application with the utmost care. We know we are not dealing with just “paperwork”. Every person in our firm understands that we help pave the way for our clients to fulfill their dreams of a better life, family reunification, and future experiences through each submitted application.

We deal with each case uniquely and creatively. We provide services in English, French, Spanish, and Farsi. Our fees are very reasonable for the quality of work we deliver.

See below the main streams we deal with, and please give us a call or contact us by email to have your case assessed without obligation.


Permanent Residence
Temporary Residence
Immigration representatives are people who offer immigration advice or assistance to visa applicants. Applicants may choose to consult an immigration representative (Immigration Consultants, Immigration lawyers, Quebec Notaries) to act on their behalf with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Immigration and Refugees Board or the Canadian Border Services Agency.
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The only immigration representatives who may charge a fee to represent or advise you on immigration and refugee matters with the Government of Canada are Immigration Consultants, Immigration lawyers and Québec notaries:
  • Immigration consultants who are members in good standing of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council).
  • Immigration lawyers who are members in good standing of a Canadian provincial or territorial law society.
  • Notaries who are members in good standing of the Chambre des notaires du Québec.
The Government of Canada will not deal with non-authorized immigration representatives who charge a fee for their service.
Immigration & Service Canada have taken measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As Immigration Experts we are totally aware of these changes. We are very experienced in providing 100% online services for Canada and abroad.     Call us for FREE