Business and Investor Class

This Category allows business people and people who can support the development of a strong Canadian economy to obtain a Permanent Resident Visa.


Quebec Investor Program

International business people looking to obtain Canadian permanent residence can do so by applying through the Quebec Investor Program. This program will accept up to 1900 applications until August 31st, 2019. And only french speaking applicants until October 31st, 2019. The intake period will be renewed next year, probably with the same maximum number of applications.

If you are interested in applying through this program, please contact us to start preparing your application. In the case of applying after August 31st, 2019, you can contact us to get you ready for next year and be one of the first applicants.

The province is allowing investors with a minimum net worth of $2 million and management experience in fields like agricultural, commerce, industry, government services or international agency positions. The net worth can be calculated alone or with the accompanying spouse or de facto spouse.

The applicant must also invest $1.2 million through a financial intermediary; the money will be returned in full after a 5-year term. The investment works as a guarantee by the Quebec government during the permanent residence application. Brokers or trust companies offer the possibility of financing the investment.

In addition to the net worth and the investment, other factors such as age, education, and language skills are assessed with a points-based eligibility system that ranges from 40 to 94 points. Take into consideration that the language requirement can be either English, French or both.

The permanent residence application must be submitted to the federal government upon receipt of the Quebec Selection Certificate. Following health and criminal clearance examinations by the Federal Immigration authorities, the unconditional permanent resident visa will be granted. Current processing time for permanent residence assessment is up to 4 years.

The financial investment does not have to be made until after an applicant is approved in principle for this investor program. It will remain tied up for a full 5-year term. The investment won't be returned in the case of the application being canceled by the principal applicant.

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