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This program is not restricted to a list of occupations, and a job offer is not needed either.
The program was created for candidates whose profile meets the needs of the labour market in Quebec. The Quebec program favours the selection of young families, French speakers, and skilled workers that have training in areas in demand in Quebec. 
The evaluation factors of the program are: Education, Experience, Age and Language Skills (French and English). Other factors that may help the employment integration and integration into Quebec's society in general are also taken into account, such as: previous residence in Quebec, family in Quebec, job offer and children. If candidates are married their spouse is also evaluated. In all cases, the skilled worker candidate must have at least a high school diploma and possess the financial resources to meet their basic needs and those of their family members.
The employability profile of candidates and training play a major role in the selection grid. Applicants who do not meet the cutoff score for employability are automatically rejected in the preliminary examination stage.


  • PEQ – Québec graduate 
If you have obtained an elegible Diploma from Quebec, and are fluent in french this program might be for you.
  • PEQ – Skilled temporary foreign worker
This program is similar to the Canadian Experience Class Program, but it is intended for franco-phone candidates currently working in Quebec, and with at least 12 months of experience in Quebec in the last 24 months.
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