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If you have selected a caregiver and now need to process all the paperwork so he/she can start working for you, we can help. - If you have not chosen a caregiver yet you can visit the website of our sister company that offers caregiver recruitment services by clicking here or contacting us-


Our Certified Immigration Consultants will prepare the paperwork ((LMO - LMIA) and work permit) that is required by the government in order to hire a foreign worker. The work permit would be submitted at the Canadian embassy abroad or at Immigration Canada if the caregiver is in Canada.
Please note that from June 18, 2019 LMIAs for caregivers won't be needed for people applying outside Canada, as the Live-in Caregiver Program closed. You can find more about the new programs here.

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Your obligations as an employer for caregivers:

a) Provide an independent room and food for the Live-In Caregiver

b) Enroll the Live-In Caregiver in provincial workplace safety insurance (also known as workers’ compensation)

c) Pay for the services, fees and costs of a recruitment or third-party agency if you are using one to recruit the caregiver. Employers are not permitted to recover any recruitment fees from Live-In Caregivers

d) Pay the stipulated salary, as set by Service Canada.


Additional obligations as an employer for caregivers that are abroad:

e) Pay the air ticket for the worker to come to Canada

f) Cover the medical insurance for the first 3 months (Not all provinces require this).